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The internet was initially dismissed as a fad, and so too were cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. Will the early investors in Bitcoin, Ethereum and collectible NFTs someday look as prescient as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates? While banks are exploring digital currencies and fashion brands are selling virtual handbags for thousands of dollars, many people are still trying to make sense of it all—and wondering whether gyrations in the crypto market mean it was a ruse all along. To answer these questions, we will dive into the foundations of Web3: blockchains, cryptocurrency, NFTs, DAOs and DeFi. In addition to examining the how, we will also explore the why of these technologies and ask if their promises are being fulfilled. Participants will finish the course with a solid understanding of blockchains and what distinguishes them; how cryptocurrencies operate and where to purchase them; the key features of NFTs and the Metaverse; and the functioning (or dysfunction) of decentralized autonomous organizations (“DAOs”) and decentralized finance (“DeFi”). In each instance we will consider business use cases and practical applications for the technology and question whether it is merely a passing fad, or, truly revolutionary.


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